Pair Active Powered

Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones

Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones
Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones

Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones

Package: Pair of Rockville APM6W 6.5" 2-Way 350 Watt Powered Studio Monitor Speakers in White + (2) Rockville RHTSB 36" Inch Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker Stands + Pair of Rockville RRS190S High Density Foam Studio Monitor Isolation Pads 7.5" x 9.5" + Rockville PRO-M50 Studio Headphones+Detachable Coil Cable+Case+Extra Ear Pad. Condition: BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

(1) Rockville APM6W 6.5 2-Way 350W Active/Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers Pair. (1) (2) Rockville RHTSB 36 Inch Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker Stands. (1) Rockville PRO-M50 Studio Headphones+Detachable Coil Cable+Case+Extra Ear Pad. (1) Pair Rockville RRS190S Foam Studio Monitor Isolation Pads 7.5" x 9.5"/3 Angles.

How to Set Up Your APM Series Speakers. The Rockville APM6 Active Studio Monitor Comes in Pairs and each monitor will be bi-amped.

What this means is that there is a separate amp for the highs and a Separate amp for the lows! Each speaker has 175 watts peak output power and 67.5 watts RMS giving you a total of 350 watts peak and 175 watts RMS per pair. We spent a lot of time developing the most premium studio monitors we ever built! If you are an audiophile you will find what we did to be quite amazing. We are one of the leading speaker manufacturers in the USA, and we have a state of the art manufacturing process.

There is a lot to talk about so I will break it down into sections. We chose a wooden enclosure as opposed to a plastic enclosure. Your studio is made of wood for a reason. The sound characteristics of high quality wood are better than plastic.

We only use the highest quality MDF wood. We do not bother with cheap particleboard material when we want to make the best speakers. The thickness is 0.5" around and the front board is a full 1" thick to give you the best sound quality possible. The enclosure is built with the perfect amount of air space to maximize sound quality for a studio.

Every studio or computer room should look beautiful. We believe speakers should enhance the look of a room. We make these speakers in 3 beautiful finishes. Painted black, painted white, and wood finish.

We use "baking paint" made for wood surfaces. It is long lasting and the best paint for speakers! We went with a beautiful finish that is mostly matte with a slight shine to it. Our designers spent countless hours on the color to make sure it is not only beautiful but also elegant as well to improve the appearance of your studio or room. We kept all the controls on the back of the speaker, which will keep the speaker looking very modern and elegant.

The rear port is built to perfect spec to enhance the sound. The tweeter has a curved front bezel to make the highs crystal clear and distortion free. Amplifier and Speaker Components Details: To get the most efficiency we use a class "D" amplifier.

We use the best quality components from the most reputable circuit manufacturers in the world in order to produce crystal clear sound. Most brands do not like to reveal what's in the guts of the speaker. We want you to know what is inside so you realize how good of a value we are offering and also so that you can understand how good these really are. We use ADAU 1701 for audio processing and TPA3116 for amplification.

These are both known to be best in class circuit designs. These components are amazing and allow us to adjust the sound via soft programing on a computer during the design stage to get the perfect sound. ADI and TI are the names of the makers of these IC's. Most people do not know brand names that make circuits; but these are the most famous and reliable in the industry.

Only very high-end manufacturers like us use these components. For highs, we have Ferro fluid enhanced 1.5 neodymium silk dome tweeters with metal grill protection. The neo magnet is strong and can handle a lot of heat. This enabled us to beef up the amplifier power without worrying about melting and blowing the tweeter.

The highs on these sound really good! I cannot wait for you all to hear it in person, because I cannot describe how good these sound! You really need to listen to them in person. We use a 6.5 woofer.

This will out-perform a regular 6" or 5" woofer any day! The bass sounds amazing on these!

The woofer has an injection molded polypropylene cone. This is an engineered type of plastic that is used on many speakers today. It is strong and puts out a great sound. The rubber woofer surrounds increase sound quality and eliminate unwanted distortions. They sound better than foam surrounds in my opinion, which is why we went with rubber.

The computer optimized electronic crossover network supplies amazing sounding highs, lows, and mids. Basically it filters out unwanted frequencies from each component so that each speaker plays the right frequencies so that the speaker can go loud without distorting. We use very high-grade crossover filters in our speakers.

The specially wounded voice coils produce accurate response along the entire frequency spectrum. We developed the speakers with the most optimized magnet structure, cone, and cabinet space with the goal of reproducing the sound to play back exactly the way it was recorded!

Added benefits: The rear-firing port is shaped and designed by sound engineers to reduce port turbulence and deliver distortion free top sound quality! Our factory uses the latest Precision Glue Machine (Over 500 meter Tunnel Oven). If the glue does not hold up, the speaker will be done and blow.

We use the latest machinery to manufacture these speakers. The SPL of the speaker goes up when you use better glue and a better machine that can secure the glue in place. If the glue can handle more heat than your speaker can handle more power! Thick "Wadding" protects the inside of the speaker cabinet. This can be seen if the speaker cabinet is removed.

Basically, wadding is a white chemical silk type of material that we put inside the speaker cabinet for multiple reasons. It helps to make the sound more clear, and at the same time protects all the parts inside the speaker. This material is also a fire retardant. This is unique to our speakers. Most other brands do not take this step due to the cost of the material, but it is a game changer if you are trying to create the best speaker!

Inputs and Outputs and Rear Panel Controls: As I mentioned earlier, we kept all the controls on the rear of the unit to make the speaker look clean and modern. The volume control, bass, and treble controls are all found on the rear of the unit.

These Monitors have all your standard studio inputs and outputs such as a ¼ and XLR combo input jack, RCA input, 3.5MM headphone output. We also added a USB port. The reason we did this is because instead of having to use the 3.5MM or 1/4 TRS jack, you can now directly select the speakers as an output on your computer without using an interface! And you will get true stereo sound! Rockville APM6W 6.5 2-Way 350 Watt Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers in White (Pair). Two-Way Active Studio Monitor Speaker System. Quad Amp Design: Each Driver Features Frequency Specific Independent Amplifiers. Enclosure is made of top quality MDF wood. Our enclosure is not particleboard, it is true high-grade MDF! The enclosure is 0.5" thick while the front board of it is a full 1" thickness to give you the ultimate best sound quality! Comes in 3 enclosure finish options Wood finish painted black. Wood finish with vinyl front board. We use "baking paint" made for wood surface. It lasts long and is the best paint for speakers! Beautiful finish is matte with a slight shine to it. Our designers spent a lot of time on the color to make it beautiful and elegant looking to improve the appearance of your studio or room. The port is built to the perfect spec to enhance the sound. Full Range Class "D" Amplifier Circuitry with Auto-Switching Power Supply.

LED Power on Indicator on Rear Panel. Ferro Fluid Enhanced 1.5 Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeter With Metal Grill Protection.

Tweeter has 1 voice coil diameter. Curved Front Bezel Design Eliminates Standing Wave Distortion. Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone Woofer.

Rubber woofer surrounds increases sound quality and eliminates unwanted distortions. Computer Optimized Electronic Crossover Network Supplies Amazing Sounding Highs, Lows, and Mids. Rear-Firing Port Shaped and Designed by Sound Engineers to Reduce Port Turbulence and Deliver Distortion Free Top Sound Quality! We developed the Most Optimized Magnet structure, Cone, and Cabinet Space that Reproduces the Sound to Play Back Exactly the Way it was Recorded! Specially Wound Voice Coils Produce Accurate Response along Entire Frequency Spectrum.

Distortion-Free Playback Even at Max Volume Listening! To put it in simple to understand terms; the glue on speakers is of the upmost importance. If the glue does not hold up, the speaker is done. The SPL of the speaker goes up when you use better glue and a better machine the secure the glue in place.

Thick "Wadding" protects inside the speaker cabinet - Wadding is a white chemical silk type of material that we put inside the speaker cabinet for multiple reasons. It helps to make the sound come out more clearly, and it also protects all the parts inside the speaker. Most other brands do not take this step due to the cost of the material, but it is a game changer!

World-class top of the line audiophile grade components! These components also are amazing and allow us to adjust the sound via soft programing on a computer during the design stage to get the perfect sound.

Most people do not know brands that make circuits, but these are famous in that industry and known to be the best of the best. Only very high end products use these components. 110/220 Volt compatible with SMPS technology - Normally most items have a transformer.

Our SMPS technology switches voltages more efficiently and adheres to all international efficiency standards! Every Speaker in Production Undergoes a Computer Generated Sound Check Test to Ensure it Upholds to our Specifications and Standards.

We use a "6Sigma" style Quality Assurance of Each Product Long story short, each product will work perfectly as advertised for a long long time! Transducer Production Line to Make the SPL Performance Stable. One Complete Pair with Mater / Salve Output Connection with Included Noise Rejection Cabling. Includes a noise rejection cable to connect the 2 speakers together (This is a proprietary cable we use that connects the 2 speakers together without any unwanted noise). We also use a special cable tip that will not allow the user to plug the cable in backwards.

The cable locks in secure and tight. Comes in 3 beautiful finishes: Painted Black, Painted White, Vinyl Wood Finish. Inputs / Outputs / Controls. Bass/Treble Control -4dB to 4dB (allows you to adjust high and low frequency independently).

¼ and XLR combo input jack. Certification: CE and RoHS Compliant. Amplifier: Class D, very efficient amplifier with top components! System Impedance: Tweeter 6 O. Signal to noise ratio: 90dB Maximum output with THD+1. Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20 kHz. 350 Watts peak output per pair.

175 Watt RMS output per pair. Each speaker produces 175 watts peak and 87.5 watts RMS. Components: 1" neodymium silk dome tweeter and 6.5" woofer with rubber surrounds and polypropylene cone.

Product Dimensions in Inches (Single): (WHD): 8.5" inch x 12.6" inch x 10 inch. Net Weight (Pair): 22 LBS.

Includes 8.5 foot speaker linking cable and power plug. Input Impedance (Ohms): 10K Ohm Balanced. System Volume: (-30dB to +6dB). The Rockville RHTSB high performance wood speaker stands are designed with appearance, performance, and quality in mind. These stands are perfect for Bookshelf speakers, surround sound speakers and even studio monitors!

Our stands are finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel. They will look great in your living room, family room, den, or even studio.

These stands are constructed from high quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Unlike our competitors who use particle board we use a higher quality wood in the construction of our stands.

With the included brass and rubber spikes as well as the included EVA speaker isolation pads you can feel confident that your speakers will be sturdy and perform optimally no matter what floor surface they are on. In addition to appearance and quality we also made sure to focus on performance. The height of these stands are 36. The reason we chose this specific height is that after testing stands at other heights we noticed this height was optimal for listening. In addition to performance we also would like to note that at 36 these stands look gorgeous!

The included isolation pads not only provide a no-slip surface but help your speakers achieve superior acoustic quality. Another really cool feature I would like to mention is the empty body design. By adding sand to the body of the stand you can increase the weight if you so choose. The load capacity of these stands are 60 lbs. Most other stands on the market have a maximum load capacity of 20 lbs.

Which really is not enough for a lot of speakers on the market. (2) Rockville RHTSB 36 Inch Bookshelf Speaker Stands Surround Sound Home Theater.

Pair Rockville RHTSB high performance wood speaker stands. (2) Pairs of Top Platforms for different size speakers. Finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel.

Made from high quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Brass & Rubber spikes add stability to any floor surface. Isolation pads create a no-slip surface as well as improve acoustical performance. Empty body design allows you to add sand in order to increase the weight of the stands if needed.

Load capacity allows you to use a heavier speaker without compromising stability. Base plate size: 11.8" 9.25".

Top Platform size 1: 9.25" 7.28" (For smaller size speakers). Top Platform size 2: 9.25" 11.8" (For larger size speakers up to 8). Item Load weight capacity: 60 lbs. Item weight per pair 25 lbs. Product dimension 11.8" x 9.25" x 36.

Soft suede and leather ear cushions (interchangeable). Leather hard travel protective case.

Rockville brings you studio quality headphones and at an incredible price with its new PRO-M50 headphones. These are professional grade headphones that are guaranteed to ourperform headphones that cost triple the price!

These feature ergonomically designed swiveling cups with interchangeable soft suede or leather finish cushions (included). The ear cups seal tight for excellent sound isolation and minimal bleed. Inside these cups you'll find 40mm Neodymium drivers delivering accurate audio with an extended frequency range for clear and rich bass, and a full frequency range of mids and highs. These are closed back style headphones specifically designed for studio monitoring.

These play back the sound with a flat frequency curve so you can hear your music exactly how it was recorded. With the PRO-M50 you can expect to hear every detail of every song with extreme accuracy. These headphones cover full frequency ranges; even extending a bit past the frequencies that the human ear can hear.

The headband is made of soft leather, offering ultimate comfort even after extended wear. The beautifully designed stainless steel headband frame and arms are strong and durable.

A detachable 51" coiled 100% Oxygen Free Copper cable with a gold plated 3.5mm plug is included along with a gold plated ¼" adapter to ensure the best possible signal. A hard leather case is included to store and protect your new investment when you are on the go.

Amazing sound quality will make these your go-to headphones whether in the studio or out and about! Rockville PRO-M50 Studio Headphones w/ Detachable Coil Cable, Case+Extra Ear Pad. Ergonomically designed swivel ear cups.

Sturdy and durable steel headband and arms. Interchangeable leather and soft suede ear cups covers included. Detachable 51" coil cable made of 100% Oxygen Free Copper (158" fully extended). Gold plated 3.5mm connector.

Stainless steel headband frame and moving arms are durable and long-lasting. Frequency Response:10Hz - 25KHz. Net Weight:290g (with cable). This model is similar to our RCM01 however it is made of aluminum, and the frame is slightly larger. We also upgraded this model to a high end metal anti-wind cap!

We highly recommend this design. Multi-Purpose Designed for crystal clear capturing of vocals, acoustic and amplified instruments, as well as room reverb. The aluminum construction makes the RCM03 tough enough for Live sound applications as well!

This microphone can be used in multiple ways. You can connect this to the phantom power of your mixer or you can connect it directly to your computer sound card. We include a cable to connect it to your mixer as well as a cable to connect the mic to your computer! Quality built inside and out! The microphone is made of aluminum. It is very rugged and tough like you would expect from any Rockville product. This microphone has a large diaphragm which is what enables our mic to deliver a wider range of high and low frequencies than our competitors. Our frequency range is tested at 30HZ - 20KHZ! The mic sounds crystal clear sound with no distortion! The PCB (circuit board) uses surface mounted components which is the same method the expensive brands use. We use only top components that under-go extreme testing by our own audio engineers. The last thing that I need to mention and call out is that our product is very sturdy. When you are recording, you do not want even the slightest noises coming from your mic. The microphone consists of a casing and there is a cartridge inside the case. You do not want that cartridge moving around.

We made sure to adjust our mechanism and ensure the cartridge is firmly in place and not creating any unwanted noises. RCM03 Condenser Microphone made of aluminum! 100% Copper 10 foot XLR to XLR cable to connect to any mixer with phantom power. Rockville RCM03 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Mic+Metal Shock Mount.

Polar Pattern: Internally Polarized Condenser Cardioid Design. Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise. Power Requirements: 48V DC phantom power or computer sound card (can connect to the phantom power channel of your mixer or can connect to your laptop or computer). Output impedance: 200O±30%(at 1kHz). Operating voltage range: 1.5V-10V.

Current consumption: less than 500uA. Voltage deduction characteristic: within 3dB at 2V. S/N ratio: More than 24dB. The Rockville RRS190S is specially designed to increase monitoring accuracy. These are made to decrease unwanted vibrations and noises so that you are left with accurate sounds.

No matter how good your monitors are, they can never sound the way they were meant to if they are carrying over vibrations and unwanted noises into your music. These are 7.5" by 9.5" and includes 2 pads which will accommodate (2) monitors. Rockville isolation pads are designed to acoustically isolate your studio monitors.

They were designed to work in studios and give studio quality sound; however some customers will also use them for high end home theater setups. Typically when speakers are placed on hard surfaces, they can vibrate. The vibrations cause the speakers' sound to become inaccurate, unfocused and lose their musical transparency. The Rockville Isolation Pad package includes a pair of high-density acoustic foam pads with multiple angle inserts that allow you to fine-tune your speakers positioning. Though conceived and designed for studio monitors/speakers you can decouple and isolate any sensitive studio device such as DVD players, turntables and laptops.

How to get maximum performance from your Monitors! Rockville Studio Isolation Pads are the most cost-effective improvement you make to your sound system. Imagine the isolation pads as being your speaker systems "shock absorbers". Place the Rockville Isolation Pads under your monitors they will absorb vibrations and decouple your monitor to stop vibrations that would otherwise transfer into your studio environment. Isolation Pads will make a day and night difference in the sound quality of your studio. Rockville Studio Isolation Pads Feature.

Easiest and affordable way to improve your studio monitors sound. Decouples your studio monitors from desktops and monitor stands for accurate reproduction. Each package contains 2 Isolation Pads - enough for 2 studio monitors. 2-part angled design provides you with a wide range of tilt options, including flat, +/-4 degrees, and +/-8 degrees.

Supports up to 100 lbs. So they can isolate a variety of studio gear. Decouple your monitors for super-accurate sound What Rockville Isolation Pads do is called decoupling. When your monitors sit on your desk or floor, they transmit vibrations that cause the surface that they're sitting on to vibrate at low bass frequencies. These bass vibrations don't get recorded in to your mix because they are not really in your mix.

But when you play the mix in your studio the "coupled" vibrations, will be heard giving you false sound reproduction. But because these "coupled" vibrations are not being recorded when you play your mix outside of your studio, all those low bass frequencies will be gone. By decoupling: your monitors, you eliminate these false low frequency vibrations, helping you to create accurate mixes that will sound great on any playback system. Perfectly position your monitors Rockville Isolation Pads allow you to position your studio monitors at the exact angle you need. Each pad comes in two pieces, each with a 4 degree angle. That allows you to tilt your monitor at one of five different angles: flat, +/-4 degrees, or +/-8 degrees. This allows you to place your monitors flat on your desk top or angled down for proper positioning. The most affordable way to improve the sound of your studio monitors. Rockville RRS190S: Monitor Isolation Pads. 3 Angle High Density Foam. 7.5" x 9.5". High quality, High Density Foam. Eliminates vibrations and unwanted noises in your studio.

Price is for (2) pads which accommodates (2) speakers. If your item is defective or you want to return it for any reason within the first 30 days of when it was delivered to you; you have the following options. We will send you a.

To replace the item for a brand new one. All replacements and exchanges are free. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Pro Audio Equipment\Speakers". The seller is "audiosavings" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, China, Sweden, Korea, South, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Israel, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Republic of, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Saint Lucia, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands, Barbados, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, French Guiana, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Jersey, Jordan, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka, Luxembourg, Monaco, Macau, Martinique, Maldives, Nicaragua, Oman, Peru, Pakistan, Paraguay, Reunion, Vietnam, Uruguay.
  • Brand: Rockville
  • UPC: 613815875307
  • Audio Inputs: XLR 1/4\
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • SpecificName: XLR 1/4\
  • Type: Studio Monitor
  • Model: APM6W+RHTSB+RRS190S+PRO-M50
  • Active/Passive: Active
  • RMS Power: 175W
  • Features: 2-Way Configuration, Full Range Configuration, Input Gain Control, USB Interface
  • Bundle Listing: Yes
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Pair Rockville APM6W 6.5 350W Powered Studio Monitors+Stands+Pads+Headphones