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Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500

Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500

Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500
Active PA Speaker Kit 15" Subwoofer with Pair of 8" Tops & Dual Stand - PD1500. Presenting the PD Combo1500 Active PA Speaker Bundle, designed to elevate your audio experience for DJs, live performers, and event organisers. This package includes a 15" subwoofer and two 8" top speakers, mounted on a twin crossbar stand for easy placement. The PD Combo1500 active speaker kit is designed for versatility.

Pairing an active subwoofer with two top satellite speakers efficiently reproduces a wide frequency range, providing deep lows and clear highs. The volume of the top speakers and sub can be adjusted separately. Dual XLR/6.3mm jack line inputs are provided on the subwoofer in this active speaker package at its rear for easy connections to mixers or DJ controllers.

Additionally, a stereo RCA line-level input allows wired audio playback from devices like laptops or smartphones. The Combo1500 DJ speaker kit also boasts a built-in Bluetooth receiver, enabling wireless pairing with your smartphone or tablet for audio streaming.

This wireless convenience is particularly advantageous for casual gatherings or events, allowing you to easily play music. The subwoofer in this system provides three selectable DSP presets: flat, DJ, and live. By switching between these presets, the system's frequency response is altered, making it ideal for different purposes such as DJ events, speech, and live performances. Active PA speaker system with a twin crossbar stand for easy positioning in a variety of venues. A 15" subwoofer with two 8" satellite top speakers is used in this active speaker kit for a wide frequency response.

Dual XLR/6.3mm jack and stereo RCA line-level inputs to connect various devices to the active speaker package. Bluetooth technology is provided on this DJ speaker kit to stream audio wirelessly from smart device.

Three DSP presets that adjust the frequency response of the system to cater towards different applications. Includes 1x Power Dynamics 178.662 PD ComboSet 1500 15" Sub + 2x 8" Tops 1x Soundlab Heavy Duty Speaker Mounting Pole 0.9m 1x Vonyx 180.195 WMS-03 Double Speaker Pole Bracket.

BBA5610 - PD1500 Active PA Speaker System 15" Subwoofer and Pair of 8" Tops for Live Bands. This active speaker package is the Combo1500 model from Power Dynamics, a high-quality and compact system with user-friendly functionality. Operating at 800W power, this powered speaker package is perfect for medium to large-sized applications. With a 15-inch subwoofer included, this active speaker kit offers deep bass response and a well-rounded overall sound when paired with the satellite speakers.

The subwoofer features integrated carry handles on both sides of the unit for ease of movement. The satellite speakers and subwoofer each have independent volume controls located on the rear of the sub, allowing you to set them at different levels to achieve a perfect balance of sound in the venue you are using them in.

A highly useful feature that this active speaker package has to offer is Bluetooth connectivity. By setting the system to Bluetooth mode, you are able to pair a smart device like a tablet or smartphone and stream audio wirelessly from any app. Another way that audio can be played using this system is by utilising the combined XLR and Jack inputs on the rear of the subwoofer. There are also line output connections, providing the ability to connect the set to an external sound system if necessary.

800W active speaker package for medium to large-sized venues. 15-inch subwoofer included providing deep and defined bass response. Separate volume control for the subwoofer and satellite speakers for a balanced sound mix. Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming from a paired smart device. Combined XLR and Jack inputs as well as XLR line outputs to expand to an external speaker system. Class-D amplifier 500W + 2x 150W RMS. Using Bluetooth Wireless technology for audio streaming. 24bit 96KHz DSP with 3 presets.

Volume control for subwoofer and satellite speakers. +5dB switch for boosting input signal. Lightweight with integrated carrying handles. Including wheels and 2x 5m speaker cable. Supplied features: Speaker pole mount.

Input connections: 6.3mm Jack RCA XLR (3-pin). Output connections: NL-4 XLR (3-pin).

Frequency response : 35Hz - 18.000Hz. Dispersion: 90 degrees x 60 degrees. GGA6012 - Soundlab Heavy Duty Speaker Mounting Stand Mount Pole 0.9m for DJ PA Systems. A strong metal speaker pole, designed for mounting speakers (tops) onto subwoofers (subs/bins) for reaching optimal sound dispersion. Perfect for mobile DJ sound systems, or fixed audio installation.

GGA6003 - Universal Double Speaker Support Dual Bracket Stand 35mm Tophat Pole Mount. The double speaker pole bracket is a strong and solid bracket fitted with two tophats. Ideal for mounting your 2 speakers close near each other.

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Active PA Speaker Kit 15 Subwoofer with Pair of 8 Tops & Dual Stand PD1500